Thursday, March 31, 2016


Happy Easter from the Frank's! I didn't get many pictures this year, but it was one of the sweetest Easter's to date. It was Clare's first Easter and it was so fun to get all three girls in matching dresses! We had a day filled with a lot of good food and family. The girls spent a good chunk of the day playing with their Easter basket goodies, and we feasted on good food all day.

One highlight was that I got to bake a yummy carrot cake! Baking is one of my favorite things to do, especially making a whole cake. I had a quiet kitchen to myself Saturday and I baked my heart out. I made this cake, and it was so so good.  

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter too! 

Spring break

Friday, March 25, 2016


I found these sun kissed notes throughout the home last week. If you walk through my home right now, I can tell you that there are sweet notes like this in several different spots where it likely catch my eye or Mike's or Zelie's. My dear Sophia has been writing love notes and placing them in little spots so that we can surprisingly find them.

Her love note was a much needed reminder last week when I was in the thick of having a full blown ugly mama melt down. And let me tell you, mama melt downs are way uglier than the ones their children produce. The house was a disaster and we were on the verge of finishing up school for spring break. The baby was sick so I wasn't getting any sleep, and my list of 'must do's' was longer then I can even achieve. It was then that I remembered reading somewhere about American women feeling that they need to do it all by themselves, otherwise feel incompetent as wives and mother's. Whereas women in other countries believe in help. Not only do they believe in having help in raising children, cleaning the house, etc., etc., but find it to be a wonderful opportunity to be able to give someone else a job. Doesn't it take a village to raise a child after all?

So, this week I asked and called for help. I got my trusty housecleaner to come and give my house a good deep scrub, while I cleaned out and organized several closets. I found this humble and joyful man who really needs the work, to come and rake the piles upon piles of leaves in my one acre yard, so I can fold laundry and pay bills. The girls got to spend more quality time with me, and Clare started fully crawling! Overall, this spring breaks been so good for me. Its been a week of deep spring cleaning the home, taking deep breathes, unloading some burdens, and just truly having a break. Let me tell, spring break is more for the mom's when you are homeschooling then the kids (ha!).

Anyways, I hope you all have a beautiful and glorious Easter!  

Easter Basket Stuffers

Friday, March 18, 2016


My three year old saw a Pottery Barn catalog back in February advertising Easter baskets and her eyes grew wide with curiosity and excitement. So its pretty easy to say that I'm excited to put this basket together for her and her sisters to open on Easter morning. I love putting together Easter baskets for my girls. For the past couple years now, I've been more conscious and meaningful about what to stuff in those baskets besides too many pieces of plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and Cadbury creme eggs. I've been buying these pretty baskets for the last few Easters, and I'm obsessed with them. I love giving it to the girls for Easter day, and then use them to store anything from toys to hair bows around the house. I sometimes, even fill them with snacks and a water bottle for little park outings.

The goodies inside are things my girls are really into right now. They love playing with wooden peg dolls, jump rope, and silk play scarfs. I'll also probably throw in a few of these hair clips and of course candy for good measure. :)

I'm looking forward to celebrating a beautiful and fulfilling Easter. He is Risen!

1. Lamb
4. Rabbit
5. Basket

master bathroom remodel

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


A year ago we bought a fixer upper home out in the country. It wasn't all too bad, except for all 4 bathrooms. I was 7 months pregnant and could not move in with the bathrooms in its current state. I took some before pictures, but somehow lost them all. Since I don't have any 'before' pictures to show you, I'll try to paint the image for you. It was a 1980's original blue toilet and matching bathtub. It was tiny and there was a wall that separated the toilet/shower/sink and vanity. Awkward, ugly, and non functional. So we went busy to work, I pinned my life away finding inspiration on Pinterest, and within a month we got the bathrooms redone so that we can move in.

We ended up knocking down a wall to open up the space and make things more functional. I also decided to go with mirrored vanities to make everything look bigger.

I really wanted to get a claw footed tub and just make a small standard shower, but I don't think we have the space for all that. So, instead I found this deep soak tub and I really love it. We also just went with a neutral gray theme and used Carrara marble as black splash.

Not pictured are the initial towel hooks from Anthropologie and the toilet ( I figured, you all know what that looks like). Also, do you know how hard it is to take pictures of a mirrored bathroom without getting yourself in the image? ;)

why, hello!

Monday, March 14, 2016


The blog has been desperately needing a face lift with new pictures, so here is the new and improved blog. I haven't blogged in a while and it was a much needed hiatus. A couple a months ago, I found my old blog and it was so nice looking back at old entries. I was so grateful that I did that years ago. Reality is pregnancy and mom brain makes you forget all those wonderful times, and life+time with children moves really really fast and it is all so hard to keep track. I was needed of that reminder of my little life just a couple years ago and how good life really was and is. So blogging has been pulling on my heartstrings since. I want to come back to document the now and the things that really matter. So here is another hello after a little hiatus.

One of my favorite bloggers, photographed our family back in November. I never got to share these pictures, but they were our first photos of us as a family of five.