Bohemian Senior Pictures

Monday, April 25, 2016

Meet Sarah! She is an ultra cool, kind-hearted beauty, with brains! She wanted a bohemian style photo shoot, and I was all about it! We had a lot of fun together and here is a hefty load of pictures to share!

Major babe, right?!  

reflections on 32

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Eight years ago, I was 24 years old, just a few days married and here at this beautiful place on our honeymoon. I was a young wife, childless, and had the world at my fingertips. Fast forward to now and these pictures were taken on my 32nd birthday at the same place, a couple weeks ago. Here I am, a little more seasoned wife and mother of three beautiful daughters. Wow. I never knew what the future would hold, but I know that young heart has grown triple its size since then. So much has changed, including some tired wrinkles on my face but I feeling a bit more confident in still my young age. :)

We spent a few restful days in Santa Barbara a couple weeks ago to celebrate my daughter Zelie and my birthday. Our birthdays are only a day apart! Mike really spoiled me this year by letting me spend the morning at the spa alone for a massage and facial, and then ending the day with dinner at one of my favorite places. We got there a few minutes early, so that we can walk the grounds and show the girls which cottage we stayed at during our honeymoon. (Fun fact: President Kennedy honeymooned here too!) Mike took a few pictures of the girls and I before dinner, and it was such a sweet day. My heart is full.