unplugged for 24 hours

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I've been slowly trying to unplug from my phone the past couple months. Its definitely been subtle changes, such as unplugging from my screen at least one hour before bedtime. Making more conscious efforts not to look at my phone the first thing in the morning. Also, during the day I've been sort of good about keeping my phone at the charging station in our home and treating it more like a telephone in the home. But nothing makes you truly unplug, like throwing your phone in the washing machine for 59 minutes, on hot cycle. Yep, thats what I did Saturday morning. Crazy sleep deprived mom who was on a mission to deep clean the home Saturday morning will do things like that. I threw my phone in the basket of dirty bath mats on the way downstairs and then dumped the whole thing in the wash forgetting my phone was at the bottom of the laundry basket. To be quite honest, I started to feel a great sense of freedom and liberation. It was actually a great 24 hours of being handsfree.

The above photos are from last Friday afternoon. It was an hour before Mike walked in the door and the kids were just about going crazy. So, I decided to just take pictures of the moment. Its been a while since I've taken pictures of the girls with my big camera. They were just loving every moment of it, especially Zelie. She is such a little ham and kept photo bombing every picture! I love that she is comfortable in front of the camera with me and I get to show you the real side of her. Zelie is really reserved in public and so quiet, but you wouldn't know that she is the loudest child in our home. :)

I took these pictures Saturday during my phone free day. Clare decided to almost take her first steps. I would have normally documented via cell phone, but since I didn't have one I had to use my big camera. :) It turned out to all be a good thing. I love the pictures of Sophia cheering in the background when Clare almost took her first step. Such a proud big sister and the biggest cheerleader of them always. And yes, Clare is always pretty much in a diaper only. 

Summer in Squares without filters

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I can't believe the first half of summer is already over. Its been a whirlwind of non stop fun and rest over in the Frank household. After finishing up the first year homeschooling, I can truly say that this is the very best summer vacation of my life. I think mom needed this summer more than anyone else around here, ha! The girls are so tanned, including Clare from spending everyday outdoors in the sun. Swimming, climbing, morning hikes, and camping. I love how Sophia just crashes and quickly falls into slumber each night, exhausted from all the play. The girls are changing and growing up so much in this season. Isn't summer supposed to be the season where kids just sprout up several inches and experience many of their firsts? It truly has in our home this summer.

Sophia has become a fearless swimmer in the past month, always the first one in the pool and the last one out. She also lost two of her front teeth (one upon waking up), and discovered her love for the movie Sound of Music. Its been a month long of the Sound of Music station on Spotify. I don't mind one bit because I love that movie. She's become a little book worm too. Always reading in the car and finishing books after books around here. Sophia is like a bottle of wine, she just gets better with age. :) 

Zèlie is Sophia's little shadow. Always following her around and if her sister does it, she will too. She repeats right after her, and completely adores Sophia. We started off this summer with her not interested in swimming and telling me that she wanted to wait until next summer to take lessons. Two lessons in, and she's a changed girl. Fearlessly trying to swim, though not quite pool safe yet. I'm confident next summer is when she will take off. It has been sweet to send her and Sophia off together for VBS and pony camp together this year. The memories they have been making together and the freedom of summer has bonded their sister friendship even closer. 

Clare's little personality has been in full bloom lately. Although she is still a little peanut and the baby of the home, she knows she is the cutest and we are completely smitten over everything and anything she does. We all gush at her, laugh with her, and pretty much give her anything she wants. She has learned to climb stairs, cruise through the house, and starting to make out little words. We all tell her that she can't grow up, especially Sophia. I can tell the big girls are noticing that our baby is quickly turning into a toddler too. 

Well we have a little over a month of summer still left and a whole lot of fun and memory making. I hope you all are having a wonderful summer too.