school uniforms

Friday, September 30, 2016

I'll be honest, one of my favorite things about private school education was the uniforms. Sophia went to Kindergarten at our local Catholic school and I loved seeing her in the sweet uniform everyday. Since we homeschool now, I was a bit sad to see that part of the tradition go last year. But, this year I decided that we can still rock the uniform at home on the few days that we do homeschool. We are part of a hybrid homeschooling/charter school plan again this year. The days that the girls have school outside of the home, I let them wear free dress.

Its been interesting to do both free dress and uniform days, and I definitely see a different mindset and attitude towards school when the girls have them on. They have a more disciplined spirit and realize that this is school hours, even though we are "just at home". Also when we are done with school for the day, I always tell them to go and change out of their uniform into play clothes. Its been a few weeks in, but so far I love it. The best part is that they girls love it more then I do. Also the fact that they look so cute in them, doesn't hurt. ;)

 Sophia is wearing our "cooler days" uniform:
 (I also got the girls one in the heather gray too because laundry guys, laundry.)

Zelie is wearing our "colder days" uniform:

 Here are other websites that sell adorable uniforms as well. But, I'll be honest the quality and comfort of these jumpers and dresses were worth it. Comfort is key and well stylish doesn't hurt either. ;) 

Sophia, "I feel like I'm wearing a comfortable sweatshirt all day long." #truth 
Also if anyone else is wondering, Clare is wearing nothing but a diaper. :) Just like how she likes it.

Homeschooling room

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Before I start this post, I want to say that I am no homeschooling expert. Although I used to be a classroom teacher many, many moons ago, homeschooling my own children is a whole different story. I just wanted to share a few things we are doing this year because I've found so much inspiration from other homeschooling mama's out there. I feel like I'm always ears for any advice on what other mama's do, so here's whats been working for us around our home. :)

Our classroom last year was in a room in back of the house, but we had to convert it into a home office for my husband recently. Therefore, we got kicked out into the front "formal living room" of our house. I love this room for how bright it is, but my major hesitation was that it was the front of the home with no door. Therefore, if you walk to the front door or first walk in, you see our classroom. There was no closing of the door to hide the mess. I also wanted the room to have somewhat of a still grown up space look. Does that even make sense? So, I had to do some brainstorming to combine both classroom yet still functional as adult space look. 

Its still a working progress, but its a nice blank slate to start our school year. I love that I made every space of that room resourceful and the girls know exactly where to find things (and most importantly put them back).

Here's my classroom "supply list": 

white classroom table: was a former Pottery Barn table that has been repainted

I'm excited to slowly fill the walls as the year goes on with art work and things that we are really proud of. I hope this is helpful for you, if you are in the same boat as creating a learn and living space in the same room like me.

I'm hoping to share our curriculum soon too. Until next time, happy learning friends!