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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Why, hello there! Its been a while. Life has been crazy busy with work changes, and we even had a litter of labradoodle puppies over here during the Christmas season. Breeding and raising six puppies for 8 weeks is a whole different story, and maybe I'll blog about that one day, or maybe I wont. It was such a crazy time filled with so much joy and sweetness, mixed in with a whole lot of messy work. You guys, my days felt like I had 7 toddlers running around (one being my very own flesh and blood). Clare, thankfully ran around with a diaper and was the best behaving toddler most days. ;)

Now, we are in lent. I always get so ambitious at the beginning of lent (just like New Year's) with grandiose plans on how to make my life better or holier, but the first week comes and I'm not good at it. I watched this video before lent this year, and it inspired me to do little works in the 3 areas of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. I've been telling myself to keep it small, so that I don't feel so much like a failure (ha!). I also love the Laudate app for the iphone. Most days, while I'm nursing a baby in bed I can just open that up and read the readings of the day, or even read scripture. Its become my IG replacement during lent and its a good one. I love reading the saint of the day on it too.

In other big news, we are selling our beautiful home and moving! The past few months we've had some big things we have been praying about, and its all led us to a big move that will be happening in a couple months. It feels so crazy in many ways but honestly, Jesus has been taking the wheel on this. We went to go visit our new little town recently and met the kindest family's. The surroundings kind of reminded me of Austria because of all the rain we've had this season too, which was a major win since my girls are obsessed with The Sound of Music. We are starting to get really, really excited. Please pray for us to have a quick sale of our home and that we find a new home soon.

Speaking of prayers, please offer prayers for my friend Katie. You can read her story here. She was one of the first girls I met in college and always so cheerful. I've been in tears at the thought of her strength, her courage, and especially her dear family. Praying so hard for her every day.

Hope you all are having a fruitful lent. I'll try to write again soon, no promises though. :)

These pictures were from Christmas time, so they are a couple months old. We took them literally in our backyard. I'm so glad we have them now that we will be moving from this sweet little neighborhood. 

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