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Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Hi!! Its been a while and a lot of changes have happened for the Frank family. Its been a roller coaster of emotions and exhaustion, joys and trials the past 6 months of our lives. I'm starting to catch my breath around here, and as of today only 2 more boxes left to unpack! Our roots are still fresh and all of it is still new to us, but we are adjusting well and loving our new home. Here's a little update!

For the past year we have been feeling like a change needed to happen in our little family life, especially figuring out school/homeschooling for our girls. We started to pray about options and in February we drove up three hours north to visit a school and the community. We found this great little school that had a intimidating wait list and wondered if thats where our girls were supposed to be. We decided to apply both our two older girls for the following school year and kind of gave it to God to decide our destiny. A month later, both girls were accepted (a miracle in itself!). Two weeks after that our beautiful home in San Diego was put on the market for sale. Ten days later our house had a buyer and we entered escrow. Our house sold and we moved out about a month after that. For two months, we kind of lived like nomads staying with friends, Airbnb, hotels, and grandparent's house, while house hunting in our new city. Wow! Are you tired yet? Because just retyping all of that made me exhausted all over again of how far we have come to be here today.

It was an incredible journey moving the five of us here. If I wasn't a 110% or maybe even 200% sure it was in God's great plan to be up here, I would have quit about two months into our journey. It was a great test of faith, hope and trust for me, and it has stretched me to capacities I really didn't know I was capable of. Thank goodness I didn't quit because its been worth every heartache and headache.

I'm really excited to see our girls grow up here, to sink our roots down and even bloom a little. Seems like we landed on fertile soil because we got blessed with a small orchard in our yard and neighbors who seem to always have an overabundance of fruit/veggies, and even fresh eggs to share. We've already got small dreams forming for our new home, and some including baby chicks in the near future!

Feeling beyond grateful for all the prayers from our old friends and new friends that helped us get here. I'm looking forward to getting back into this creative space and seeing what this new chapter of life has in store for all of us.

Pictures from this post are from our trip up to Ojai last week. School starts for the girls next week and we are milking every last minute of summer! Thanks for reading and following along our crazy life.

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