Fall in our home

Friday, September 15, 2017


Fall is my favorite season of the year. Its the only time of year when i want to trade my southern california roots to possibly the East coast and maybe, maybe even the midwest. Don't get me wrong, I love the east coast too (my husband is from Maryland), and I went to college in Ohio but nothing can replace the year round sunshine that California delivers.

This is our first Fall in our new home and I'm so excited because the temperatures are a lot cooler here, especially morning/nights and it kind of feels like a shift in seasons. Here are a few things we've been doing around here to feel more like Fall in our home.

1. Apple Picking. We always go apple picking with our girls every fall. We were going to Julian the last few years while we lived in San Diego and getting their tasty MOMS apple pie afterwards. Its always the best bringing home a big basket of apples and a box of pie or two. :)
This year, we have been blessed with a few apple trees in our very own yard. The apples have been going out of control and dropping by the dozen (daily!) so I spent a few days picking with Clare. We baked apple pie and the house smelled so wonderful. I would bake an apple pie everyday of Fall just for the smell. I've decided to turn the rest of the apples into pie filling and freeze them until the holidays. I'm planning on gifting pie to some neighbors and friends, and then of course gobbling them up during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I've got my eye on this apple peeler because I have about a 100 apples looking at me, and one small half broken wimpy peeler that probably can't hold up to the job.

2. Fire pit + s'mores. It was on our backyard bucket list to get a fire pit built for our yard. My handy husband built us an amazing fire pit last week. We then strung these lights around the edges to bring more light and make things more magical. As soon as the sun went down and the sky dimmed we lit a big fire, played music and the girls had a blast roasting a marshmallow or two for s'mores.

3. Chicken pot pie. Warm and comfort food come to mind when I think of fall. Trading the grill for the oven now. This week I tried this new pinterest recipe because there seems to be a lot of shortcuts compared to my old recipe. It actually turned out pretty good.

4. Fall movies. I've been a little obsessed with this movie lately. Just seeing fall in New York city gives me so many of the cozy feels of what I dream of fall to be.

I'm planning on continuing with the Fall festivities through October (which is one of my favorite months of the year), can't wait to take the girls to a pumpkin patch, decorate my front porch, drink some apple cider and maybe even light our fireplace to get more cozy.

What are some Fall things you have been doing that makes you happy? Wishing you all a happy Friday and wonderful weekend! We will be celebrating Mike's birthday and a little baptism for a sweet baby boy who was born just yesterday! :)

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