First day of Fall QT

Friday, September 22, 2017


1. Happy first day of Fall! Since our summer weather felt pretty mild and actually cold to us, I feel like I've been anticipating Fall since like July. Although, I do hear that temperatures are supposed to warm up again by next week. This is my favorite Fall outfit lately. I love this top because of its bell sleeves and open knotted details along the side. Also Fall shoes are the best shoes, aren't they? I snatched up these boots a little while ago during the summer but I knew they would be my go to for the Fall. I'll link up my outfit details below if you are interested. 

2. So many of my friends gave birth last week! It was like all those Christmas conception babies being born the same week. ;) Anyways, one of my favorite things to do is to spoil family's with new babies with a hot dinner and some freshly baked dessert. My friend Jenna gave birth to one of thee sweetest and cutest newborns, of ever. Hop over and read her birth story because its kind of a dreamy one. 

3. So even though I took one of those Myer-Briggs tests a few weeks ago and my results were ENFJ, it showed that I was borderline between a INFJ and a ENFJ. I feel like the younger Diana was more a ENFJ and the current Diana (the mother of 3 children Diana) is more of an INFJ. Anyways, my homebody self had a wild week (jk) with quite a few weeknight evening plans this week. On Tuesday night, there was a girls night at one of my friend's house and I seriously don't remember laughing that hard in a while. If you follow my Instastories you saw some of the girls breaking it down with Karaoke. I feel like I struck gold in finding this new community of friends. Really the best people live here in Ventura. 

4. The new school that the big girls are attending throws a big fundraising gala in November, and a new friend recruited me into joining the committee with her. I was super hesitant because I know the workloads of these type of events is a lot and being new a family to the school (INFJ) makes it a intimating project. But I committed and this week I attended my first gala committee evening meeting. Its going to be a lot of work (as i imagined), but I'm really excited about it. It kind of brought me back to the high school days when I was on Student Council (the old ENFJ Diana) and planned all the school dances and activities. Introvert D turning into Extrovert D?? 

5. Give me all your favorite cozy and warm Fall recipes? I've been thinking about making chili soon. Chili with a side of homemade corn bread. Always feels like Fall when I make a big pot of Chili. Also, I need to learn to make some homemade kimchi. I never pay full attention or write it down when I watch my mama do it. :( I always feel like I need a side of pickled something when I eat (Korean problems). I don't have a jar of kimchi in my fridge right now, so I'm thinking of pickling some jalapenos to hold me over until the next run to the Korean market). Do you follow Umma Lim on IG? She always makes me so hungry. I want to try to cook up that Shabu Shabu on her latest post. 

6. Camping is on my mind this week. We are going camping next month to my favorite place in California...Big Sur!! I've never gone camping in the fall, so I'm a bit nervous with how cold it will be sleeping at night. Any advice?? I feel like I have so much to prepare for before we leave because its actually going to be a three day camping trip! It was supposed to be four, but I just don't think I can hang that many days giving up on my creature comforts. One of the biggest things I am excited for is to be unplugged completely for that many days (because no wifi) and just to have good ol' fun with friends. 

7. Lastly, does anyone have a mild obsession with rearranging furniture? I've always loved moving furniture around and Mike thinks I'm totally nuts for wanting to move things around every now and then. ;) So Monday I completely rearranged our room and flipped it around while he was at work, lol. We have the worst mattress on our bed and since things got flipped I have to now sleep on Mike's old side of the bed which turns out to be even worse than my side. They say the mattress is the most important furniture in the house and I might have to look into getting it replaced soon, or I'll have to rearrange the room back, lol. 

Outfit details: 

Sunglasses : So, i never ever buy sunglasses without trying them on first but broke the rule for these. Thankfully, it worked out great. I took them to Nordstrom afterwards to just have someone tighten the sides for me because I always need sunglasses tightened. Only one left! 

Shoes: Best boots and they literally go with everything from dresses to jeans. 

Top : This is the most perfect Fall top! 

Jeans :High waisted jeans for life, until its time to eat. 

Bag: love this bag because it actually comes with two separate pouches inside, a similar one here.  

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