Joan of Arc retreat recap

Friday, October 20, 2017


The pictures from this post are from a couple weeks ago, but if you were to come into my home this week its pretty much the same. We've been rolling knee deep in fevers and coughs, balanced out with some extra snuggling, movies, and chicken noodle soup.

 Post nap grumpiness

Nothing a marshmallow can't fix around here

Last weekend, I was able to spend all of Saturday away from my family and selfishly indulge the day with my best friend at a women's conference (even snuck in an estate sale too along the way). The theme was St. Joan of Arc's "I am not afraid, I was born to do this." It was so good in many many ways for my fearful little soul to listen to the history of St. Joan of Arc, along with so many other talks on the topics of modern day visions/roles of a Catholic women, to down right living out that vocation with heroism.

I've been thinking so much about fear and anxiety lately. In my own life, in the world (I hate watching the news anymore, so depressing), and even one of my daughters is struggling with it right now. What brings about all these fears/anxieties? Why can't I freaking be brave?! I think my lack of trust and even perfectionistic tendencies probably create more fear than needed in my own life. I love this quote "This is the very perfection of a man, to find out his own imperfections" by St. Augustine. I tend to plan ahead a lot and bargain a lot with God. But, I realized that God isn't going to give me the graces before they are needed. Repeat, God will not give me the graces before they are needed. No more bargaining with God but time to put on the big girl pants Diana, and walk through fear and realize that you will NOT walk alone. Not ever, ever, ever. And I know through trust and taking those leaps of faith and combatting fear, the graces will come. It always does. So thats what I took away from the women's retreat. Typing it all out so when fear does crept in, I can go back and reread this. ;)

One of my girls have been struggling with fear for a couple of weeks too. To be quite honest, I don't even know how to deal with it. Its hard to see my child be so scared of something so irrational, but obviously not so irrational to her. At first I talked to her about it, tried to reason and make sense of its silliness but it still wouldn't shake off of her. I'm realizing this a problem I will be not be able to solve for her but something she is going to have to solve on her own. Its so hard as a mom to sit and watch, but I'm making my daughter go through this fear so she can on conquer it herself. I want her to feel empowered at the end when she conquers this fear. I'm already slowly seeing the graces come as she is walking through this and totally ready for her to be over it so we can celebrate with some ice cream. :)

Have you ever really read the story of St. Joan of Arc before? I haven't, but I got a really good abbreviated one at the retreat from Kendra. She shared this book being one of the best, which I'm totally getting and reading. A quick funny story about Mark Twain, so whenever he caught children reading his other books (Huckleberry Finn or Tom Sawyer) he would tell them to stop reading those books about about naughty little boys but to read about the real hero, St. Joan of Arc. (favorite book that he wrote). Love that.

Anyways, St. Joan of Arc, pray for us! Hope you all have a great and restful weekend, or one full of adventure!

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